Westley gets new Push Chair

July 2013 – 5 year old Westley suffers from Severe Dystonia and Epilepsy. Westley’s severe dystonia caused his body to posture and hyper-extend into unusual and troublesome positions in his wheelchair.  This was causing him bruising and injury and became increasingly hazardous.  The wheelchair, which was provided by a government support program, became inadequate and unsafe, as it had very little adjustments and modifications which could accommodate Westley’s needs. Patricia, Westley’s mom, had repeatedly requested help from their local therapy unit for modifications to the chair, but they provided no good solutions.  She then asked them to fund a more suitable push chair for Westley, but was denied. Having nowhere else to turn, Patricia applied for a grant from AREF for a new push chair for Westley.  Understanding the predicament Patricia was in, AREF awarded Westley the grant for a new push chair. AREF purchased a custom-fitted Ormesa New Bug Pushchair for Westley from the wonderful staff at Sherman Oaks Medical Supply. Mom and Westley were very grateful and ecstatic with the new Pushchair.