The founders of Aidan’s Red Envelope Foundation are Kevin and Nancy Leung. Kevin and Nancy had 2 boys, Aidan and Connor, 3 years apart.  Connor was the neurotypical younger brother, and Aidan was the older brother with multiple special needs.  As a newborn, Aidan suffered from severe jaundice and was later diagnosed with the brain injury condition, Kernicterus.  Aidan never learned to walk nor talk, and he later had a g-tube placed for feeding and nutrition. Aidan also suffered from severe spasticity for which he had an implanted medical device called, an intrathecal baclofen pump, to help manage his hypertonic muscles. Though Aidan had all these physical challenges, his cognition remained sharp. Aidan attended regular school and had a dedicated aide.  He loved school and socializing and taking part in all kinds of activities.  He had a wicked sense of humor and especially enjoyed getting out and seeing and interacting with the world.  Kevin and Nancy loved to travel and they instilled this love of travel in their boys.


Despite his multiple disabilities, Aidan lived an active and enriched life, traveling the world with his family, visiting 30+ countries over 5 continents. Sadly, after nearly 18 months of health challenges, Aidan's life journey came to an end in May of 2022, at the age of 19. We deeply miss him but know that he made a profound impression on every person he encountered. 


The Leungs started Aidan’s Red Envelope Foundation in 2011 to help children with disabilities live enriched lives, like Aidan did. 

Aidan's Red Envelope Foundation hopes to carry on his legacy to enable more children like Aidan live a bit better and a bit happier.