Karla gets a new Stroller

October 2011 – Aidan’s Red Envelope Foundation awards The Camacho Family the first Family Grant. Karla Camacho, 5 years old, suffers from seizures and spastic diplegia. The family reported that Karla’s current wheelchair sits very upright and has no recline feature and makes her very uncomfortable. The family requested a special needs Axiom Stroller from the Foundation. On October 7, Aidan’s Red Envelope Foundation delivered a new Axoim Stroller to the Camacho Family. When Karla sat in her new stroller for the first time, a huge smile and joyful vocalizations came out of her.

She was so happy she did not want to get out! Dad took her out immediately for a walk around her neighborhood.

  • CLIENT Nancy with Karla & Camacho Family
  • YEAR 2011
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