Jose Gets A New Push chair!

February 2015 – Aidan was excited to meet grant recipient, Jose, as he was picking up his new wheelchair. Jose’s mom applied for a grant to get 13-year old Jose, a more portable wheelchair. Jose’s usual wheelchair weighed a heavy 65 lbs and was very big and bulky. When they transported Jose and his wheelchair in their car, only the driver and one other family member could ride because the wheelchair occupied 2 spaces. Thanks to the expertise of the staff at Sherman Oaks Medical Supply, AREF purchased a new push chair that was much lighter, more portable and could fold down and fit in the trunk of their sedan. Jose’s mom, grandma and siblings were so happy with his new pushchair and that they could ride altogether in the car.

  • CLIENT George and Jack of Sherman Oaks Medical Supplies, Jose mom Raquel, and sister, Aidan and Nancy
  • YEAR 2015
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